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The key to making your script great is getting detailed feedback from impartial professionals , and the feedback Spec Scout provides is exceptional. Plus, if your script scores well enough, it earns a spot in the coverage library our industry pro subscribers rely on daily.

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    Submit a PDF of your screenplay via our submission form. Our regular service is $395 -- you'll receive your coverage within 30 days. Rush service (7 day delivery) is available for an additional $100.

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  • Three Readers Get Started

    Your submission is reviewed by three readers, each of whom provide ratings and in-depth analysis of 11 separate attributes of your script. The result is 8 to 10 pages of detailed comments on your work’s strengths and weaknesses, supported by specific examples from the script (with page numbers!). Have a read through this Coverage Sample.

  • Receive Your Script Score

    Your coverage includes a Script Score that indicates the quality of your script based on the three readers’ individual ratings. Score 70 or above on our 100 point scale and you’ve earned a listing as a "Scouted" writer in our coverage library. For free. Forever.

  • Fill Out Your Profile

    Scouted writers get a permanent profile that tells our industry pro subscribers who you are and how to contact you. Plus, you can upload additional material (also for free) so they’ll have ready access to all of your material in one place.

  • We Promote You

    Once your listing goes live, we actively promote it on the site to our industry pro subscribers. You'll also earn an optional, free posting on Slated, a film finance platform with over 2,000 accredited film investors. 6 feature scripts have gotten production financing because of their Script Scores in the past 2 years. Read about some of our recent successes.

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Our subscribers include over 1,000 agents, managers and executives from Hollywood's top studios, production companies, talent agencies and management companies, plus hundreds of directors and independent producers.

Subscriber Endorsements

Here's what some of our industry pro subscribers have to say about Spec Scout.

Spec Scout is one of the key platforms I trust in terms of helping quantify new writers' material - I always look forward to Spec Scout's next great spec by a new writer I can introduce to my agency/packaging relationships, which has defined my lit management-production brand.


Best. Coverage Service. Ever. Three super readers who know nothing about the script or what stage it's at and who are specific about what works and what doesn't? If you're developing a script for sale or production, you owe it to yourself to use Spec Scout.


Accessing material is critical to my business model. I've come to realize that one of the best resources to doing so is at Spec Scout. The site is an incredible epicenter of viable content that I can easily navigate and, because it's so detailed, I can hand-pick material that suits what I'm looking for. It's a dream site for a rep, and a credible point of entry to the industry for screenwriters.


I have found the Spec Scout coverage to be some of the best around. I also love how they have 3 different people cover each script so we’re not just relying on one person’s opinion in what can often be a quite subjective business.


Spec Scout saves me so much time. Not only can I search titles and genres, but it shows me market dates, rep information and coverage details as well. I've found it invaluable in searching for projects to develop at DMG.


Seriously, if you work in the movie business it's irresponsible not to have access to Spec Scout.


Spec Scout is my secret weapon. Having the whole spec market in one place, with scores, loglines, and coverage is such a huge advantage. I can’t imagine not having access to this library.


Spec Scout has been an excellent source of good material. I've found it invaluable in searching for projects and clients.


Spec Scout is the best resource for tracking specs and discovering new ones. Who else gives you confidential coverage of the market for free?


Writer Endorsements

Here's what our writer-clients have said about Spec Scout's coverage service.

Thank you for getting the feedback returned to me so quickly! Spec Scout has far exceeded my expectations. The readers' comments are clear, concise and offer a level of insight far superior to the other much more expensive feedback options I've tried. I am truly impressed.

Nate W.

You are clearly enthusiastic about helping and encouraging screenwriters to break into the industry. It's a breath of fresh air. Spec Scout is a great fit for every writer out there who wants to know where they stand in the market. It was a pleasure to send our work to you...it won't be our last. Long Live Spec Scout!

Mark G.

Down-to-earth and honest feedback. I also wish to compliment your unique approach to evaluating scripts. Having three different points of view offers invaluable insight into things that aren't working, or are confusing, or are effective. I will certainly be returning with several scripts

Jamie H.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Spec Scout provided me with a blueprint on how to proceed. Your service was exactly what I needed in order to get back to my script. I will be back to resubmit when I'm done with my next draft. Thanks again!

Jane A.

Thank you! We've struggled to get actionable notes from other coverage services so this is a true gift.

Lane T.

Thanks so much for your screenplay coverage service. Fantastic notes/feedback providing constructive criticism – great value for the money!

Leanne I.

I have to say I was really impressed. The places where your readers had minor differences of opinion were just as useful as the places where there was consensus. Some of the notes surprised me; some felt as though I was being busted for problems I secretly knew existed. I won't hesitate to recommend you guys.

Steve G.

These are THE best evaluations I’ve seen, well well worth the money, thank you very much. I am going to work on the script and re-submit in a few weeks.

Tom R.

Incredible. Basically, this is a perfect blueprint for my next, very surgical draft. Very excited!!! :) THANK YOU!!!

David M.

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